Fairhill Native Plants  - & Botanic Gardens
Fairhill Botanic Gardens

Evolving from a dairy farm in 1975 with literally no trees or shrubs, Fairhill Botanic Gardens is now a showcase for Australian native plants.  From the grandeur and diversity of Rainforest plants the colours and forms of Gumtrees, Paperbarks, Bottlebrushes, Tea Trees, Grevilleas, Kangaroo Paw and much more, there are thousands of species of plants on display over the 10 acres of slightly undulating garden.
Like all native gardens Fairhill Botanic Gardens is a haven for wildlife.  The diversity of birds is truly impressive with 150 over species being recorded.  The last Wednesday morning of every month a group of birdwatchers, “The Wednesday Day Club”, gather to see what birds they can find, regularly counting 50 to 60 different species.
So when you come to Fairhill give yourself some time to wander through and enjoy the Botanic Garden.

Wildflower garden and Rainforest Garden

Wandering through the garden

Looking from the nursery through Elements Restaurant to the gardens

Looking from the nursery through Elements to the gardens