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This genus ranges from small trees to semi‑prostrate shrubs. They all have colourful new flushes of leaves and grow from near the beach to shady rainforests.

For instance ‑ there are several leaf colour forms of Austromyrtus inophloya in cultivation now which have great potential as part of the rainforest shrubbery.

Austromyrtus dulcis is well known and much used for its hardiness and edible fruit.

The ‘Python Tree’ (Austromyrtus bidwillii) has the most beautifully coloured trunk.

Plant Name
Plant Description
Plant Image
Bushy shrub for well drained soil in sun and part shade. Clusters of white flowers are followed by edible black berries.Hardy species featuring flushes of red new growth.
Height 3m Width 2m   MEDIUM SHRUB
Austromyrtus acmenioides
Fairhill Native Plants
Austromyrtus inophloia
Aurora has seasonal colour changes, ranging from a light rose flush during the warmer months, darkening to a red, through to a deep burgundy during the cooler months.  Extremely versatile shrub, with a gentle weeping habit and leaves of a velvet like texture.
Height 2.5m  Width 1.5m
Austromyrtus Aurora 
Fairhill Native Plants
Austromyrtus inophloia
'Blushing Beauty'
A bushy shrub for average soil in sun or part shade. Small white flowers are followed by black edible fruit attract fruit eating birds. The feature is its dark purple foliage. Useful for a small hedge or tub planting.
Height 1.5m Width 1m   BUSHY PLANT
Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty
Fairhill Native Plants
'Copper Tops'
(A. dulcis x tenuifolia)
Small shrub with attractive bright green foliage on arching branches. New growth is a brilliant 'Copper'. White flowers along the branches during late spring and early summer, are followed by Grey, Edible Berries. Best in full sun or part-shade in a moist well-drained soil. Responds to pruning.
Height 50cm    Spread 1m
Austromyrtus Copper Tops
Fairhill Native Plants
Procumbent shrub hardy in most soils in sun or shade. White flowers in spring are followed by pale grey berries which are delicious to eat. Suitable for semi exposed sea side planting.
Height 60-90cm
Width 2-4m
Austromyrtus dulcis
Midium Berry
Fairhill Native Plants
Low shrub with linnear foliage. Small pretty white flowers with many stamens are borne during summer and autumn, followed by small edible, red berries. Makes a good understorey shade plant and is decorative in a container. Prefers soil enriched with compost, in a damp sheltered position.
Height 1-3m  Spread 1-2m
Austromyrtus tenuafolia
Fairhill Native Plants