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The Bottlebrushes are among the hardiest garden subjects. Flower colour ranges from shades of red, pink, mauve, yellow to white.

An additional attraction is the brightly coloured foliage which ranges through pink, crimson, bronze to gold ‑ rivalling the autumn foliage of deciduous trees.

Natural cross breeding has resulted in some very desirable hybrids.

Callistemon like moist soils but will also grow in drier conditions. Full sun will enhance their flowering. The honeyeaters will quickly find the nectar rich flowers which appear twice a year.

Pruning can be severe (best done soon after flowering) and benefits both the shape and longevity of the plant. The bottlebrushes are ideal windbreaks.

Plant Name
Plant Description
Plant Image
'Betka Beauty'
A compact shrub, single or multi-stemmed, with papery bark.  Fresh light green foliage and bright new red stems display the large dense crimson brushes in spring-summer.  Very attractive to Honey Eating Birds.  Frost Hardy.
Height 1.2-1.8m
Width 1.2-1.5m
Callistemon Betka Beauty
Fairhill Native Plants
'Burgundy Jack'
A bushy plants for average to heavy soil in full sun. Masses of burgundy/violet bottle brush flowers in spring and autumn which are attractive to honey eating birds. Useful for hedges. Prune to preserve a bushy habit.
Height 3m Width 2m
Callistimon Burgundy
Fairhill Native Plants
'Cameo Pink'
(Callistemon salignus x)
A graceful, spreading, tall shrub with dark green leaves. Small deep Rose Pink bird attracting Bottlebrushes. Hardy in most average, well drained soils in full sun or part shade.
Height 4m    Spread 3m
'Candy Pink'
Large spreading shrub which bears Red to Pink flower brushes in profusion sporadically through the year. Hardy in most situations. Prune after flowering.
Height 3-4m   Spread 3m
Callistemon viminalis
'Captain Cook'
Small shrub for moist soils in full sun. Covered in orange/red bottle brush flowers in spring and summer. Ideal for a compact and colourful wind break.
Height 2m Width 1.5m
'Cherry Time'
(Callistemon Subulatus x citrinus 'Luscious')
A medium weeping shrub with fine glossy leaves and bronze new growth.  Vivid clear cherry bruches flourish from spring to early summer, most attractive to Honey Eaters.  Extremely frost hardy, suited to coastal gardens as well.
Height 1.8m Width 1.5m
Callistemon comboynensis
Bushy, spreading shrub for average soil in full sun. Flowers profusely most of the year with red brushes. Copper coloured new growth is a feature. Useful for a compact windbreak.
Height 2m Width 4m  MEDIUM SHRUB
Callistemon viminalis
'Dawson River Weeper'
Attractive small tree with light green foliage and a spreading, weeping habit. It bears Clusters of large, bright Red bird attracting flower brushes in spring and autumn. Excellent for screen or windbreaks. Hardy in most sunny situations. Likes plenty of water.
Height 4m    Spread 4m
Callistemon citrinus 'Endeavour'
Hardy, bushy shrub bearing Large, brilliant Red flower brushes in spring. Suitable for most soils, full or part sun, seaside. Bird attracting.
Height 3m Spread 2-3m
Bushy shrub for average soils. Masses of purple/cyclamen brushes and pink new leaves. Slender, striking plant with colourful new leaves.
Height 4m Width 1.5m   TALL SHRUB
'Ewan Road'
Spreading shrub for average soils. Masses of red brushes with gold tips and wooly mauve new leaves. Makes a great compact and low wind break.
Height 1.5m Width 2m   SMALL SHRUB
Callistemon citrinus 'Firebrand'
A low spreading bottlebrush which is dense and fast growing. Brilliant scarlet brushes entice honeyeaters throughout spring to autumn.  Excellent for Coastal or inland gardens, Frost tolerant.
Height 50-80cm
Width 2-3m
'Mr Foster'
Upright, tall shrub with outstanding, large bright Crimson, bird attracting flower brushes most of the year. Hardy in most sunny situations. Prune after flowering.
Height 4m Spread to 2m
'Genoa Glory'
(Selected form of C. forresterae)
Small to medium shrub with pinkish, silky-hairy new Growth. Bird attracting, Purple-Maroon flower brushes in spring and autumn. Hardy in most soils in full sun or dappled shade.
Height 1.5-2.5m
Spread 1.2-2m
Callistemon viminalis
'Hannah Ray'
Bushy shrub with a strong weeping habit. Grey green leaves with Bright Pink new growth.  Large pendulous Crimson bottlebrush flowers. Large pendulous Crimson bottlebrush flowers in spring. Best in full sun. Hardy in most soils.
Height 3-4m
 Spread 2-3m
(Syn. C.’Gawler’, C.’Gawler’ Hybrid)
A rounded shrub with pendulous hanging branches and bright green leaves. During late spring, summer as well as autumn Lots of spikes with Bright Red, bird attracting bottlebrush flowers. Hardy in most soils in full sun.
Height 5m    Spread 5m
Callistemon 'Hinchinbrook'
Small bushy shrub with reen foliae. New rowth is a stunnin bronze. Gold tipped Red flowers in spring. Hardy in most well drained soils in full sun or part shade.
Height 1.5m Spread 1.5m
'Injune' grey form
A weeping shrub for moist situations. Delicate ping tipped with gold bottle brush flowers which fade into white in spring and atumn. The grey foliage contrast well with the flowers.
Height 2.5m Width 2m   MEDIUM SHRUB
'Kings Park Special'
Medium size shrub with spikes of Bright Red flowers in clusters, during spring and summer. Benefits from pruning after flowering. Tolerates a wide range of soils and climatic conditions.
Height 3-4m Spread 3-4m
'La Grande Vermillion'
A hardy reliable shrub. Vibrant Vermillion-Red bottlebrush flowers, dusted with gold appear in spring. Bird attracting. Good for hedge or shrubbery planting. Hardy.
Height 2-2.5m
Spread 1.5m
Callistemon viminalis
'Little John'
Dwarf, compact shrub for average soil in full sun. The flowers are dark red in spring and autumn. Relatively slow at first but worth waiting for. Ideal for low hedge planting.
Height 2m  Width 2m   MEDIUM SHRUB
Callistemon pachyphyllus
This bottlebrush can grow in boggy situations. An open shrub it displays drak red fllowers in spring and autumn. Hardy.
Height 2m Width 1.5m  MEDIUM SHRUB
Callistemon pachyphyllus green
Compact weeping shrub for moist soils in full sun. Many large apple green brushes in spring and autumn. Lovely weeping habit contrasts well with the flowers.
Height 1.5m
Width 2m
'Packers Selection'
Fast growing shrub with weeping habit, with narrow pointed leaves and dark red bottlebrushes in late spring. Full sun or semi-shade in most dry or moist well drained soils. Long flowering period. Bird attracting.
Height 1.5-2m
Width 1.5-2m
'Pink Champagne'
Compact shrub for moist soil in full sun. Flowers in spring and autumn with pale pink brushes that fade to white. The greyish foliage compliments the bunched flower heads.
Height 3m Width 2m   MEDIUM SHRUB
'Pink Alma'
Medium bushy shrub with green lanceolate leaves. Profusion of pale Purplish Pink bottlebrush flowers in spring. Hardy in most well drained situations. Excellent screening shrub. Prune after flowering.
Height 2-2.5m
Spread 1.5-2m
'Rocky Rambler'
(A form of C. pearsonii)
Procumbent shrub for well drained sites. Bright red brush flowers with golden tips in spring. New growth is mauve and hairy.
Height 0.75m
Width 1.5m
Callistemon viminalis
'Rose Opal'
Upright shrub with soft green, foliage. It bears clusters of Rose-Red, bird attracting flower brushes several times a year, with peak flowering in spring. Hardy in most sunny situations. Likes plenty of water. Prune after flowering.
Height 2m    Spread 1m
Tall shrub for moist soils in sun or part shade. Flowers prolifically with cream brush flowers in spring and autumn. Useful for sea-side gardens and boggy situation. Bright pink new foliage is a feature.
Height 6m Width 2m   TALL SHRUB
salignus Rubra
Beautiful small tree with bright pink new growth and paper-bark trunk. It bears Red flower brushes in spring and summer. Very hardy in most situations - dry or wet. Ideal for screens or windbreaks, it is also an attractive specimen tree.
Height 5-7m Spread 3-4m
'Scarlet Willow'
(Hybrid C. salignus x viminalis ‘Pendant’)
This medium sized shrub with graceful arching branches is very attractive. Big Scarlet bottlebrush flowers from spring to autumn. Hardy in most soils in full sun or part shade.
Height 2.5-3m
Spread 2m