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Grevillea Grafted Tough

Introducing a new range of Grevilleas.

The benefits of grafting Grevilleas onto Silky Oak are huge -

They will not be damaged by general fertilisers - no need for specialised fertilisers.Grevillea robusta (Silky Oak) have, as the name suggests, very robust roots.

They will handle the extremes, the very wet - even flooding!! and the very dry.

They will not be damaged by general fertilisers - no need for specialised fertilisers.

Grevilleas Grafted Tough will last for years in a pot, unlike un-grafted which go woody very quickly.

The Silky Oak root system only makes the Grafted Grevilleas tough, it will not alter the growing habit of the plants.

To find out the range of Grafted Grevilleas please contact us

For more information read on...

Grevillea Grafted Tough

History of grafting Grevilleas ...

Grevilleas have been grafted for decades, primarily to introduce plants from other environments that won’t grow in our soils on their own roots.

We also use Silky Oak to create standard Grevilleas. This a fun process. A Silky Oak is grown to whatever height required, take the top off and graft the desired flowering Grevillea on, usually a groundcover ... value added Silky Oaks.

Rationale for grafting Grevilleas ...

At Fairhill we have been talking about expanding the range that we graft onto Silky Oak (Grevillia robusta) to include plants that are already available as cutting grown plants since 2008-9 but didn’t act on it because we were unsure as to how they would be received.

As these discussions were happening the retail staff had a customer from Brisbane wanting to have Grevilleas in his garden. Because his garden is fairly flat with clay soil they were pretty insistent that he only use Grevilleas grafted onto Silky Oak. Unfortunately for him, but probably fortunately for us his house was flooded in 2010, under water for four days. And all of his Grevilleas survived. In his words “my garden was the only one in my neighbourhood to come through without a scratch”.

We had to act. Trials began to find which Grevilleas would take on Silky Oak, these plants were put on the shelf to test the response from our customers which was surprisingly positive.

Why Grevilleas grafted onto Silky Oak are better ...

As far as I’m concerned a strong healthy root system is 70% of the success of any plant. Get a strong root system - get a strong plant that is more resistant to everything else (insect attack, fungal problems, humidity etc.).

The species name - robusta, describes the roots system of Silky Oak really well. Silky Oaks have stronger deeper roots that are resistant to phytophthora. Almost all other Grevilleas have very fine shallow roots. The main reason that Grevilleas die in wet conditions is that their roots are attacked by phytophthora.

Silky Oak will tolerate waterlogged soil for weeks, this is probably why our customers plants handled flooding.

The advantage for the gardener ...

The advantages of using Grevilleas grafted onto Silky Oak are quite profound. The plants will grow well in almost any type of soil including areas that waterlog. They are more tolerant to the vagaries of our weather, tolerating prolonged wet and prolonged dry periods much better than all of our flowering Grevilleas growing on their own roots. General fertilisers can be used without the fear of phosphate toxicity. Most forms are bushier when grafted, our experience is that they require less pruning. Over all the plants are stronger, much more tolerant of adverse weather conditions and, potentially, a longer lived plant.