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The Grevilleas are a member of a diverse family called Proteaceae, named after the God of many Forms in Greek mythology. Their leaves may be broad, needle or fern like or many shapes in between. The flowers in their arrangements from ‘spider, toothbrush to bottle brush’ and in colour through every hue from white to black. Most Grevilleas have long flowering periods with some being in bloom all year. They are the most valuable plants for attracting honey-eating birds to the garden. Grevilleas need sun and regular pruning will prolong their life & shape. Fertilizers with a high content of phosphorous should be avoided. Some additional water in dry times is beneficial. The predominant varieties grown in Queensland gardens are the so-called ‘tropical forms’ which all have large cylindrical flowers.

New varieties appear constantly and serious breeding is now in progress to discover a suitable specimen for the cut flower trade. Many Western Australian species are being grafted onto local rootstock to increase the varieties even more. The rootstock needs to be checked for suckers at the base. They must be removed or they will dominate the plant. Some Grevilleas are shallow rooted and not particularly useful for windbreaks.

'Fairy Floss'
A small rockery plant with very fine leaves and pale mauve flowers. Likes a sunny spot but will tolerate some shade and moisture.  
Height 50cm Width 75cm
Grevillea 'Fanfare'
A vigorously spreading ground cover for average soils. Masses of dark red toothbrush flowers most of the year. Bird attracting.
Height 75cm Width 5m
Grevillea Fanfare Fairhill Native Plants
Bushy shrub for average soil in full sun. Many candle like dark red flower racemes, amongst feathery deep-green foliage, for a long period. Useful for visual break or specimen planting.  
Height 3m Width 2m
Grevillea Firesprite Fairhill Native Plants
Small shrub with soft, grey-green foliage. Bright Red and Yellow, bird attracting, Spider like flowers in Autumn to Spring, Best in full sun in most well-drained soils.
Height 1m   Spread 75cm
Grevillea Fireworks Fairhill Native Plants
A bushy shrub for average soils in full sun. With up to 13 blooms on one branch, it has flowers so large that they arch down looking like a pink flamingo feeding. A fabulous specimen plant. 
Height 3m Width 2m
Grevillea Flamingo Fairhill Native Plants
'Flora Mason'
G. pinaster x G. olivacea
A vigorous hybrid which masses itself with flowers ranging from lemon to soft pink in spring. Suitable for a range of soils in full sun. Good for screening. Frost tolerant.   
Height 2m width 2m
Grevillea Flora Mason Fairhill Native Plants
'Forest Rambler'
A scrambling shrub useful for screening. Very hardy in average soil, sun or part shade.
Height 1.5m Width 3m  
Grevillea Forest Rambler Fairhill Native Plants
'Gaudi Chaudi'
Features Dark Green leaves, pale beneath and tinged red during cool months.  New growth is deep red.  Toothbrush-like red-pink flowers in Spring and Summer.  Prefers moist, well-drained soil in full to partial sun.  Tolerates dry periods.
Height 30cm  Width 2-5m
Grevillea Gaudi Chaudi Fairhill Native Plants
'Gin Gin Gem'
A spreading groundcover with soft green foliage and red spider flowers. Ideal for a sunny rockery.
Width 2m  
'Gold Fever'
Low spreading shrub with lush green leaves. It bears clusters of Lemon Yellow flowers most of the year. Hardy in most sunny, part-shaded well drained soils.
Height 30cm Spread 1.5m
Grevillea Gold Fever Fairhill Native Plants
'Golden Lyre'
A shrub with a spreading canopy for average soil in full sun. Covered with large orange/yellow toothbrush flowers in summer and autumn. Spectacular specimen plant the shape resembling a male Lyre bird in full courtship display. 
Height 2m Width 6m
Grevillea Golden Lyre Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Goldrush'
Small shrub with soft greenish foliage. A superb display of clear Yellow flowers in Spring. Benefits from pruning. Requires a well drained soil in full sun.
Height 1.5m  Spread 1.5m
Grevillea Goldrush Fairhill Native Plants
'Golden Sparkles'
Dense rounded shrub with Orange-Red spider flowers in spring. Requires a sunny, well drained situations.
Height 2.5m  Spread 2m
Grevillea Golden Sparkles Fairhill Native Plants
'Grass Fire'
A lush, green groundcover resembling kikuyu grass. Its dense foliage suppresses weeds as it spreads to about 2m. Bright red toothbrush flowers in spring and autumn. Prefers a sunny position and well drained soil.  
Grevillea Gras Fire Fairhill Native Plants
'Honey Gem'
A bushy shrub for well drained, sunny situation. Many large orange flower spikes all year. Benefits from pruning when young. Attracts many honey eating birds.
Height 4m Width 3m
Grevillea Honey Gem Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Honeybird Silvereye Cream'
A beautiful dwarf and compact shrub. Bird attracting, Lemon Cream flowers most of the year. Hardy in most sunny, well drained situations.
Height 2m    Spread 1.5m
Grevillea Honeybird Silvereye Cream Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Honeybird Parakeet Pink'
A beautiful dwarf and compact shrub. Bird attracting, Pink flowers most of the year.  Hardy in most sunny, well drained situations. Excellent cut flower.
Height 2m    Spread 1.5m
Grevillea 'Honeybird Wattlebird Yellow'
A beautiful dwarf and compact shrub. Pretty, bird attracting, bright Yellow flowers most of the year. Hardy in most sunny, well drained situations.
Height 1m    Spread 1m
Grevillea hookeriana
Large, spreading shrub with long fishbone leaves. Bird attracting bright Red toothbrush flowers in winter and spring. Excellent screen plant. Hardy in most sunny situations.
Height 3m  Spread 3-4m
Grevillea hookeriana Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Hot Lips'
A low spreading shrub with red and white brush flowers during winter, spring and early summer. Prune to maintain a compact habit.
Height 1m Width 1.5m
Grevillea intricata (Grafted)
A dense, bushy shrub with intricate bronze foliage and masses of white,scented candle like flowers in spring. Grafted for extra hardiness.  
Height 2m Width 1.5m
Grevillea Intricata Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Ivanhoe'
Large, dense, spreading shrub with light green fern-like leaves. It bears toothbrush heads of Dusky Pink flowers in spring. Good screen plant. Hardy in most sunny, well-drained situations. Benefits from pruning.
Height 3-4m  Spread 3-4m
Grevillea Ivanhoe Fairhill Native Plants
'Ivory Whip'
Compact shrub with silvery-green 'fish-bone' leaves and bird attracting Ivory White Flowers throughout the year.  Tip prune when young.
Grafted for extra hardiness.
Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Grevillea  Ivory Whip Fairhill Native Plants
'Jennifer Joy'
(G. speciosa ssp. speciosa x G. linarifolia)
Small upright shrub with small oblong shiny dark green leaves. Pale Mauve-Pink flowers in winter and spring. Hardy in most well drained soils in full sun. Hardy to frost and dry periods. Responds to pruning.
Height 1.5-2m
Spread 1-1.5m
Grevillea  Jennifer Joy Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea 'Jester'
It is an outstanding shrub with fine, bright green foliage. G. 'Jester' carries a profusion of vivid tangarine flowers all year. Unusually for a Grevillea the flowers have a mild fruity-rose fragrance.
Height 3m Width 4m  
Grevillea Jester Fairhill Native Plants
'John Evans'
Small shrub with dark green, ovate leaves. Masses of bird attracting Red flowers from late winter to late spring. Hardy in most well-drained soils. Responds to light pruning.
Height 1-1.5m Spread 1m
Grevillea  John Evans Fairhill Native Plants
Grevillea juniperina red
Hardy spreading groundcover with dark green narrow leaves. Covered with Red spider flowers in winter and spring. Requires a sunny well drained situation. Suitable plant for seaside Band 2.
Spread 2m
Grevillea juniperina red Fairhill Native Plants
'Just Peachy'
A pretty medium shrub with silvery-green foliage bears Peachy, bird attracting flowers all year around. Requires a sunny position in a well drained soil.
Height 4m    Spread 3m