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Plant of the Week

I should say PLANTS of the week.

We have a range of fantastic looking Grevillea standards, ideal added feature for your garden. And being grafted onto Silky Oak they are suitable for most soils.

The Grevillea standards that we have are:

Grevillea ‘Ruby Red’; as a standard the Ruby Red’s dense silver-grey foliage will cascade to the ground. This foliage is studded with compact heads of bright red flowers in spring. Grows and flowers well in full sun or part shade.

Grevillea ‘Alex Pink’; very similar habit to Ruby Red with softer foliage and bronze tinged new growth. And instead of red flowers in spring they have dark pink flowers in summer and autumn.

Grevillea ‘Cooroora Cascade’; the beautiful fine silver foliage will create a broad dense head, weeping at the tips. Beautiful large yellow flowers from summer often through to mid winter.

Grevillea ‘Gin Gin Gem’; very soft bright green dense foliage will cascade down to the ground. ‘Gin Gin Gem’ bears small bright red spider flowers in summer and autumn.

Grevillea ‘Mollonglo’ has a beautiful arching habit of dark green foliage bearing yellow spider flowers in winter and spring.

Grevillea curviloba; a dense mop-top of soft bright green foliage is covered in sweetly scented pure white flowers in spring and summer.

Grevillea ‘Lillian’ has a graceful arching habit; it will grow up a bit higher and give you a spread of up to 1.5 metres. Lillian bears clusters of deep pink flowers in autumn and spring.

Planting and post plant maintenance of Grevillea standards is basically the same as with all other plants. It may be necessary to stake them in a high wind area and it is important to remove and silky oak shoots that may sprout along the stem.

The plant of the week this week is Grevillea Robyn Gordon grafted onto Silky Oak

I have never produced, ... nae ... I'll rephrase that, I have never seen a Grevillea Robyn Gorden look so good in small pots before. Just look at these plants - they are really compact, each plant has over half a dozen flower buds and flowers.

They look fantastic!!!!

Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

( Hybrid G. banksii x G. bipinnatifida )

A hardy shrub which bears LARGE RED BIRD-ATTRACTING FLOWERS ALL YEAR. Does best in full sun and being grafted onto Silky Oak will grow in most soils and conditions, even tolerating minor flooding.

Height 1.5m Spread 1.5m